I need to get back into the habit of writing…

…so I’ve decided to also use this blog as a platform to share my thoughts and reflections about the world, about life, and about how badly I’m handling both as a grown-ass woman. What I write about is merely my own opinion and expression of how I am experiencing the world.

It is not a reflection, judgement, or dismissal of anyone else’s opinion.

I expect readers to have differing opinions and I want to hear them. However, as I expect you to share your thoughts with me uncensored, please note that I expect the same treatment for myself. (Uncensored doesn’t mean nasty, rude, degrading, or otherwise unproductive.)

tldr; shit’s about to get real.

what is is, why we see it as a bad character attribute, and why that’s not correct.

I understand

what I wrote to my ex-husband and why I wrote it.

politicizing the corona

[coming soon]

why the hell did we turn death into a platform for the right and left and how covid-19 is destroying my family.


[coming soon]

an extremely honest and explicit look into my thoughts and experiences as a person with depression and suicidal tendencies.

are you there, God? It’s me, not Margaret

[coming soon]

questions I’m afraid to ask because I don’t know if I can accept the answers.

divorce – why I still celebrate my anniversary

[coming soon]

let’s take a closer look at abusive marriages.

cutting – the habit I formed as an adult

[coming soon]

what got me started and why I have a hard time letting it go.

“sorry” and the mental gymnastics behind why I actually mean it when I say it

[coming soon]

an insight into the brain of a human conditioned to believe everything she does is wrong.


[coming soon]

I swear if one more person tells me to just get over it…

I gave up a dog

[coming soon]

I committed to cardinal sin of committing to owning and raising a dog and it was the right thing to do.