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“Are you finished?” Bick asked, his arms folded and lips pursed tightly.

There was a fire in his eyes that Glaciem had not seen before. it unnerved her.

“Strong Heart!” Alexandros exclaimed, “Forgive us our intimacy, we did not see you.”

“I’m well aware.” Bick replied, his voice low.

Alexandros’ brows furrowed for a moment, but his voice remained cheerful.

Back in the Great Hall, the guests had become louder and more lively than before. Many were dancing to the bright music and those who were not dancing were talking and laughing so loudly it made Glaciem want to press her hands against her ears to block it all out. 

chapter six

I missed releasing in chunks, so you get the whole chapter!

“What is this?” Alexandros as he slowly stood. 

His eyes had not left the coffin as the alarm in his voice cut through the quiet murmuring of the guests.

The First Elder’s lip twitched as Alexandros spoke, clearly irritated at his tone. There was no help for it however; to chastise him in front of the crowds would only cause them to gossip further. It also did not escape him that many in the Great Hall were unfamiliar with Glaciem’s beginnings in the Village. Instead, he chose to smile coldly at Alexandros as he explained. 

chapter seven part one

[release date 07.11.2020]

Glaciem stumbled down the steps of the Great Hall and sprinted along the main road. The Village was almost entirely unrecognizable. The moon’s once bright light was now shrouded by dark, rumbling clouds that circled the Village slowly, lightning fracturing and splitting within.

chapter seven part two

[release date 07.15.2020]

Soon, they could see the walls bordering the House of Meeting, but somehow in her hurried departure from the Great Hall to get to Narratus, Glaciem had been completely turned around. The field ended along the sidewall. She had intended to go to the front where the gates were. When they reached the small path that followed the wall, she quickly turned to walk it, irritated at how it seemed to go on without end. She began to jog, impatient to reach the gates.