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chapter nine part two

[releasing date 08.08]

chapter ten part one

[release date 08.22.20]

chapter ten part two

[release date 08.29.20]

chapter eleven part one

[release date 09.05.2020]

The moment Glaciem opened her eyes the next morning she immediately regretted it. The sun was blinding and it made her skull pound. She groaned in irritation as she turned over. Bick was awake and sitting on the far side of the tree trunk. His arms were crossed and he was watching her intently.

chapter eleven part two

[release date 09.12.2020]

The Whispers urgently hissed the word as Glaciem stared, frozen. Bick raised a hand. The reflection followed suit, though Glaciem could not miss the reflection’s sigh of impatience as it did so, its willingness to indulge Bick waning. 

chapter twelve part one

[release date 09.20.2020]

“We’re running out of time. We’ve only been in the Forest for three days and already it has completely outwit us.” Glaciem said, walking quickly. 

She was not following any particular path, but rather trying to move in whatever direction the Whispers pulled her. Now that Bick was also able to hear them they could work together to decipher which was the right or wrong direction.