chapter five part two

*~*~*~* Back in the Great Hall, the guests had become louder and more lively than before. Many were dancing to the bright music and those who were not dancing were talking and laughing so loudly it made Glaciem want to press her hands against her ears to block it all out.  As she made herContinue reading “chapter five part two”

chapter four part two

At the head of the Great Hall, Glaciem sat next to Bick. Her chair was in the middle of all others seated at the Table of the Elders. The ceremonial chair that had been reserved for her was far too big and far too hard. It made her back ache the moment she sat down.Continue reading “chapter four part two”

chapter three part two

Glaciem yelped and sprang to her feet, her heart thumping uncomfortably in her chest as she did. She spread her hands wide, calling for any water she could summon from the air. There was not much; the books in the room greedily sucked up whatever moisture they were able to find. She could only manageContinue reading “chapter three part two”