chapter fifteen – chapter twenty

I’m woefully overdue for an update, so to make up for it I’m releasing five chapters at once. happy reading! ~Chapter Fifteen~ Glaciem stared at the sky, the light of the moon and stars shining through the tangled branches that marred her view. It was well into the night and the temperature had lowered considerably,Continue reading “chapter fifteen – chapter twenty”

chapter eleven part two

The Whispers urgently hissed the word as Glaciem stared, frozen. Bick raised a hand. The reflection followed suit, though Glaciem could not miss the reflection’s sigh of impatience as it did so, its willingness to indulge Bick waning.  Protect. Swirling images and half memories accosted Glaciem’s mind as she tried to understand what she wasContinue reading “chapter eleven part two”

chapter two part two

Guards were blocking the doors, which were shut tightly. This was something she had never before seen. The guards themselves were wearing far heavier armor than they normally had any cause to. Their shoulders dipped from the weight of thick breastplates. Their collars were lined with additional armor that was heavily spiked, a helpful wardContinue reading “chapter two part two”

chapter one part two

She hesitated before turning on her heel, intent on walking out the way she had come. As she did, her mouth dropped open as she watched the trees twist themselves together, barring her path home completely, the fenced border totally blocked from view. She was not leaving this place until the Forest decided she couldContinue reading “chapter one part two”

preface part two

The next days were a confusion to her. She could not recall when she was asleep or awake, when she spoke to the old man, or when she only dreamt she had. She did not understand what he meant when he had spoken of the Elements. Often, the pain in her head was so greatContinue reading “preface part two”